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Have you ever tried to take a photo, and it just wasn’t quite how you envisioned it? You know what you’re trying to capture, but it just doesn’t look as good as you thought it would. It’s especially hard with smartphones. While they are great tools for photography, they just don’t have the capabilities that […]

What is the best time of day to take photos? The hardest thing about taking photos outside is knowing what time of day has the best light. Lighting can either make or break a good photo. So what’s the best time to go out and shoot? Well, there are several options, but some times are […]

So, you decided to make the leap and you bought your first DSLR camera. Now what? All those buttons and settings can be overwhelming, so where do you start? I’ve been there, too. I bought my first camera about 3 years ago, and I’ve learned a lot since then. Here’s a list of the tips […]

Has this ever happened to you? You find an incredible place to eat on vacation that serves amazing food that looks just as good as it tastes. So you snap a few shots to put on your Instagram. Unfortunately, you just can’t seem to make the food look as good in a photo as it […]