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If editing your photos as quickly and beautifully as possible is something you’re interested in, Adobe Lightroom presets are the way to go. Save yourself the time of figuring out how to edit and tweak every single image, and use a preset that has the settings you like already plugged in for you! You can […]

Are you a traveler and photographer looking for the perfect lens to carry with you on vacation? As someone who loves to take pictures while traveling, After years of trying several different lenses, I finally settled on my favorite: the Canon 18-135 mm f 3.5-5.6 USM lens. This post may contain affiliate links. We may […]

One of the hardest things about learning photography is figuring out how to get sharp focus in photos. Nailing that tack-sharp focus seems like it would be the easiest part of taking a photo, but it can be surprisingly frustrating for new photographers! When I first started practicing photography with my DSLR camera, my photos […]

Do you ever see amazing travel photos on Instagram and think, “I wish my vacation photos looked like that!” Taking better travel photos doesn’t have to be hard. Just by learning a few easy photography tips and paying attention to your surroundings, you can get the best travel photos you’ve ever taken. Here are 12 […]

Everyone thinks that to be good at photography you have to have the most expensive gear, but that simply isn’t true. I started getting serious about photography in 2016 when I bought my first camera. It wasn’t the best that money could buy, but it didn’t have to be. In fact, I still use most […]

One of the hardest things as a photographer is when you have a vision in your head of the shot you want to capture, but it turns out completely different than you thought… usually worse than you thought. You have to spend time rearranging your set up and reevaluating your lighting and location. And that’s […]

iPhone cameras are quickly becoming one of the most convenient options for taking photos. They have the capability to take amazing photographs, but sometimes they just don’t turn out like you envisioned. There are a lot of ways you can improve your iPhone photography skills. A lot of guides will tell you the basics of […]

They say the best camera is the one you have with you. Since so many people have smartphones these days, phone companies are continually upgrading their products to have better and more advanced cameras. The iPhone is known worldwide for producing beautiful images. However, it’s important to know that it’s not the camera that makes […]

Instagram is the best place to search for beautiful travel photography. Photographers all over the world post their work for you to see on Instagram, and there are so many talented travel photographers to follow. But in the huge amount of people on Instagram how do you find the best? I know that I haven’t […]

When I first became seriously interested in photography, one of the things I struggled with was when to convert an image to black and white vs. when to leave it in color. I’d take a photo thinking, “this will be perfect in black and white,” only to discover that it ended up looking mediocre. So […]