Clean Beauty: The Best Non-Toxic Makeup Products on Amazon

January 15, 2024


Are you interested in making the switch to clean beauty? I’ve been trying my best to switch to non-toxic beauty products, but finding makeup and skincare with clean ingredients isn’t easy. Especially for a decent price!

This blog post is a curated list of my favorite clean beauty products which can be found on Amazon. You can shop these items by using the conveniently listed affiliate links throughout the article!

Easy on Your Skin

Using non-toxic makeup can help your skin and your health. In fact, some ingredients used by many makeup brands contain chemicals that can affect your hormones and increase the toxins in your body.

The non-toxic makeup products in this list contain:

  • No Parabens
  • No Fragrances
  • No PEGs
  • No Sulfates
  • No PFAs

Easy on Your Wallet

All of these products (at the time of writing, 2024) are under $25 on Amazon. I don’t like to put specific prices in my blog posts since prices tend to fluctuate, but the everyday price of these items is under $25 which is very affordable. I love good deals, and I often check Black Friday sales, etc. and stock up on my favorite clean makeup brands.

Tried and True

There are many more clean affordable beauty products on Amazon, but these are the ones that I have personally tried and loved. If you know of some that aren’t on this list, please tell me in the comments! I love new recommendations!

This post contains affiliate links. We may earn compensation when you click on the links in this post at no cost to you. For more information, see our terms and conditions. All opinions are my own.

Toxin-Free Face Primer

BioClarity Primed & Ready face primer

BioClarity Primed and Ready face primer - clean beauty non toxic ingredients natural makeup on amazon

On the days I use a face primer, I want something hydrating and that gives a smooth surface for me to work with. This primer from Bio Clarity does the trick. It blurs pores and imperfections, and there are so many toxic ingredients this brand specifically does not use.

Find it on Amazon

Clean Foundation

Mineral Fusion Full Coverage Liquid Foundation

Mineral fusion full coverage liquid foundation - clean beauty non toxic ingredients natural makeup on amazon

Mineral Fusion has a lot of great clean beauty products. I love their liquid foundation because it stays all day and has buildable coverage. I also love the silky smooth finish.

Find it on Amazon

Organic Concealer

Well People Bio Correct Concealer

Well People Bio Correct Concealer - clean beauty non toxic ingredients natural makeup on amazon

Well People is one of those brands that I don’t really check the ingredients because their products are all about being clean and plant based. (I did check the ingredients the first time…) The color correcting concealer is great for blemishes, but I mostly use it for dark circles under my eyes.

Find it on Amazon

All-Natural Blush

Honest Beauty 2-in-1 Creme Blush Cheek and Lip Color

Honest beauty 2 in 1 creme blush cheek and lip color - clean beauty non toxic ingredients natural makeup on amazon

Honest Beauty has so many different non-toxic products from makeup to hair care, and even baby diapers. Their creme blush blends very well and has great color. It also functions as lip color!

Find it on Amazon

Non-Toxic Eyeliner

Honest Beauty Liquid Eyeliner

Honest beauty liquid eyeliner all day wear - clean beauty non toxic ingredients natural makeup on amazon

Another favorite of mine from Honest Beauty is the liquid eyeliner. It isn’t waterproof, but it stays all day long without smudging.

Find it on Amazon

Clean Mascara

Honest Beauty Mascara and Primer Duo

Honest beauty 2 in 1 mascara and primer duo - clean beauty non toxic ingredients natural makeup on amazon
You’re probably sensing a theme here. Honest Beauty’s mascara is another product of theirs that I use every day. You can use it without the built-in primer, but it does help your lashes stand out more to use both the primer and mascara. Also not a waterproof product, it will run if you get wet or cry. But I haven’t had a problem with everyday wear and smudging.

Find it on Amazon

Vegan Lip Liner

Honeybee Gardens Lip Liner

Honeybee Gardens lip liner long lasting - clean beauty non toxic ingredients natural makeup on amazon

I don’t wear lip liner often, but for those days where you need all day lip color for work or a special event, this liner is great! In fact, I used this exact Honeybee Gardens lip liner on my wedding day and it lasted the whole time.

Find it on Amazon

Chemical-Free Makeup Remover

Makeup Eraser 

Makeup eraser removing cloths - - clean beauty non toxic ingredients natural makeup on amazon

I’ve been using my Makeup Eraser cloth wipes for over a year now. They take off makeup so easily with just water! That’s right: no harsh added chemicals that wear out your skin. Plus they are reusable, so they are eco-friendly. Just throw them in the washing machine with your laundry and use them again and again.

The only negative is that they have a hard time with waterproof makeup. However, waterproof makeup often contains PFAs, so I try not to use those whenever possible.

Find it on Amazon

The products featured here are not just effective but also free from the nasty stuff. Ready to give your beauty routine a healthy makeover? Explore these clean makeup brands and conveniently shop them on Amazon through the affiliate links. Your journey to a toxin-free lifestyle and beauty routine starts now!


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Are you tired of products filled with unnecessary toxins that harm your skin? Transform your makeup bag and skincare routine with these clean beauty products available on Amazon for less than $25! With no parabens, no fragrances, and no toxins, these affordable and non-toxic makeup brands will help you achieve a healthy and radiant glow. Don't miss out – Shop these clean beauty products now!

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