Great Places to Eat in Alberta, Canada

March 30, 2020

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I took a trip to various cities in Alberta this past summer. Not only does this part of Canada have some of the most gorgeous views in the world, but it also has some really good food! While my trip only lasted for a few days, I managed to find at least one delicious place to eat in each city that I visited. So here they are!

Banff – Beaver Tails

cookies and cream beaver tail dessert in wrapper in banff canada on stone surface

If you’ve never had a beaver tail, you need to ASAP. No, this is not an actual beaver tail. It’s kind of like a donut; it’s fried dough covered with a variety of sweet toppings. I tried the cookies and cream, and it was amazing! You can also try flavors like cinnamon apple or Reese’s pieces and Nutella. They all looked so good!

Canmore – Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. sign with mountains in background

This modern and cozy restaurant in downtown Canmore is a great place for lunch. As you can see, the restaurant has a gorgeous view of the mountains right outside the door.

Their specialty at Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. is the delicious stone oven pizzas.

Pepperoni Pizza at Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. in Canmore

All Beef Pepperoni Pizza

They also have some yummy salads with very generous portion sizes! They have something for everyone here.

fig and goat cheese green salad at canmore rocky mountain flatbread company on white plate


Waterton – Big Scoop Ice Cream Parlor

I’m an ice cream lover, and I’m always looking for a good dessert place wherever I go. Several people recommended the Big Scoop Ice Cream Parlor in Waterton, so I had to try it.

Ice cream cones from the big scoop ice cream parlor in waterton alberta canada

I was not disappointed! The ice cream is so creamy, and there are plenty of flavors to choose from.

Twin Butte – General Store Restaurant

This restaurant was also recommended to me, or else I never would’ve heard of it. This hole in the wall restaurant out in what seems like the middle of nowhere may be unsuspecting, but it has some really delicious food!

General Store that serves Mexican food in Twin Butte, Alberta, Canada

We stopped at this little store/restaurant on our way back to Lethbridge from Waterton. This place has some really great Mexican food.

Tacorito and rice at Twin Butte Country General Store and Mexican Restaurant in Alberta Canada

I got the Tacorito, which is a mix between a taco and burrito, and it came with a side of rice. The tortilla was packed full, and I was stuffed by the end of it!

Calgary – Peters’ Drive-In

This amazing burger joint has been around since 1964. It’s a one-of-a-kind place to eat, and there is always a line. That’s because it’s so good!

peters' drive-in restaurant burger and fries in calgary alberta canada

The burgers have a special sauce and the fries come in HUGE portions. This is definitely a place you need to try!

Lethbridge – Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons coffee and donuts restaurant in alberta canada with blue sky

Ok, so this isn’t a restaurant that’s specific to Lethbridge. Tim Hortons are found all over Canada. They are kind of like the McDonald’s/Starbucks of Canada (even though Canada also has McDonald’s and Starbucks). They have coffee, donuts, and lunch specials.

tim hortons maple creme filled donut on paper bag

This maple frosted cream-filled donut was absolutely amazing!

So what’s so special about Tim’s? I don’t know, but it’s addictive! This was my first stop when I landed in Calgary, and I went to Tim’s every day while I was in Canada. Every Canadian I talked to said how good Tim’s is. Maybe it’s not anything special, but we don’t have these in the southern US! You absolutely have to go to Tim’s at least once. It’s the Canadian way!

tim hortons timbits donuts and frozen lemonade at sunset

Delicious Timbits (donut holes) and frozen lemonade

What are some of your favorite places to eat in the beautiful cities of Alberta? I’d love to hear your suggestions, because I want to go back someday! Let me know in the comments!


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