Instagram-Worthy Places in Disney World

August 20, 2022

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Have you ever seen those Disney Instagrammers with a feed of incredible Disney World photos? They seem to know where all the best places to take pictures are, and they’re not just in front of Cinderella’s Castle or Spaceship Earth. So how do you find these Instagram-worthy places?

On my last trip to Disney World, I took a ton of photos (as always). I tried to find as many interesting backgrounds and unique photo spots as I could so I could make this list of my favorite places to take pictures. By no means is this a complete list of every great place to take a photo in Disney World, but maybe on this list, you’ll discover a photo spot you never thought of before!

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The famous walls

Every Disney Instagrammer knows that there are several walls in the Disney parks that make perfect backgrounds for a photoshoot.

My favorite is the Purple Wall in Magic Kingdom.

girl in black Minnie Mouse t shirt with white mickey ears and pink magic band in front of purple wall design in Tomorrowland magic kingdom Disney World Orlando Florida

You can find this futuristic wall on your right as you enter Tomorrowland from Main Street.

Another wall made popular by Instagram is the Bubblegum Wall in Epcot. This colorful wall is at the exit of Spaceship Earth.

girl in pink shirt and mickey ears in front of pink and blue stripe bubble gum wall in Epcot Disney World Orlando Florida

Some other great walls are:

  • Popsicle Wall – Toy Story Land, Hollywood Studios
  • Toothpaste Wall – The Living Seas, Epcot
  • Various walls in Harambe Market – Africa, Animal Kingdom

And these are only a few! Keep your eyes open for more walls that make great backgrounds in all the parks!

Cinderella’s Castle

Best places to take photos in Disney World, side view of Cinderella's castle Magic Kingdom

Obviously, everybody wants a picture on Main Street in front of Cinderella’s Castle. And since Main Street is the main entrance to the park it’s almost always crowded. Your picture is going to have a ton of people in the background.

Cinderella’s Castle looks good from any angle. You don’t have to be on Main Street to get a good photo! Try to take a picture with the castle behind you while standing on the side of the castle or even behind it.

The picture above was taken facing the castle on the Tomorrowland side of Magic Kingdom. This spot is close to Cinderella’s wishing well, another great photo spot! As you can see, the side of the castle is just as beautiful as the front!

World Showcase

View of Japan and world showcase across lagoon at Epcot Disney World Orlando Florida

World Showcase in Epcot has some of the best scenery in the park. Buildings inspired by countries all over the world are sure to make for some great photos!

My favorite spot is across from the Japanese Pavillion.

Japanese torii gate with spaceship earth at Epcot Disney World Orlando Florida red arch at Japan Pavillion

This red torii gate looks like it came straight from Japan and frames Spaceship Earth perfectly from across World Showcase Lagoon.

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

girl with braid and black plaid shirt and mickey ears in front of millennium falcon Star Wars galaxy's edge Hollywood Studios Hollywood Studios Orlando Florida

The coolest photo backdrop in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has to be the Millenium Falcon. The problem is everybody wants a picture here, so it’s almost always very crowded. Luckily there is plenty of room around the Falcon for you to find a spot.

A good alternative is standing on the balcony outside Docking Bay 7 or on the stairs going down to the Millenium Falcon. (The picture below shows the view from the top of the stairs, and you can see the balcony on the right.)

Millenium Falcon with crowds and spires at Star Wars galaxy's edge Disney World Hollywood Studios Orlando Florida

Galaxy’s Edge Scenery and Doors

The Millenium Falcon isn’t the only great picture spot in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge! The detail in this area of Hollywood Studios is incredible, so there are tons of great places to take a photo and instantly look like you’re in a galaxy far, far away!

There are many ships, buildings, and even droids to take pictures with here, but my favorite backdrop is the doors!

girl in black t shirt and gray pants, Darth Vader Disney bound mickey Minnie ears in front of gray imperial door at Star Wars galaxy's edge Disney World Hollywood Studios Orlando Florida

Plenty of Star Wars-looking doors are all over Galaxy’s Edge just waiting to help you frame your perfect Instagram shot.

The Darkroom Camera

girl in black t shirt gray pants and mickey ears in front of giant camera Nikon store darkroom at Hollywood Studios Disney World Orlando Florida

This giant camera makes an excellent backdrop for anyone who loves photography! You can find it right outside The Darkroom. This shop is very close to the entrance of Hollywood Studios. Once you enter the park, just head to the right.

Side note: All the photos in this post were taken with either my iPhone or my Canon Rebel T5 and Canon 18-135 mm lens. If you want to see more of what’s in my camera bag, check out my photography gear.

Have you been to any of these Instagram-worthy photo spots? Which one is your favorite? If you have a different place to take pictures that didn’t make it on the list, let me know in the comments! I’d love to find it on my next trip!

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