A Day at the Memphis Zoo

June 10, 2019

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June is National Zoo and Aquarium month, so I decided to blog about the Memphis Zoo! This is one of my favorite zoos for sure! The Memphis Zoo is very nice and clean, and it is a decent size. Also, the scenery and habitats are very pretty.

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The Memphis Zoo is home to 500 different species of animals, so there is a lot to see! You’ll definitely want to spend a couple of hours here to see everything, but there are a few exhibits that are my favorite.

By the way, for these photos I used a 75-300 mm lens. If you want to see more of my favorite photography gear, check out my blog post here.

Here are my must-do’s for the Memphis Zoo!


The pandas are probably the most famous animals at the Memphis Zoo. Ya Ya and Le Le are two pandas that like to sleep, but sometimes you can catch them munching on bamboo! They are so cute and cuddly looking!

Baby Animals

Speaking of cute, we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a few baby animals that live in the zoo.

The baby giraffes are so adorable! We only saw one, but two more have been born since we visited in March 2019!

There was also a young hippo that liked stay close to her mom. She’s getting big!


Elephants are always a favorite of mine! Usually they don’t get so close to the fence, but they were up close and personal this time!

Teton Trek

This area of the zoo is where the forest animals live, such as wolves, elk, grizzly bears, and bald eagles. The bears were unfortunately not out in their habitat when we visited, but the other animals were still impressive!


Cat Country

The big cats were probably my favorite part of the Memphis Zoo. They have tigers, lions, cheetahs, and many other beautiful cats walking around and taking cat naps!




These are only a few of the amazing animals you can see at the Memphis Zoo! Not only is it so cool to see these incredible creatures up close, but I also love to practice my photography skills while taking photos of the animals. It’s kind of like a taste of wildlife photography without all the waiting for the animals to show up (although I’m sure being a real wildlife photographer is the coolest job ever!).

I hope you will give the Memphis Zoo a try next time you are in the area. It really is a great experience!

There are several more zoos that I want to visit, so I’d love to know your favorite zoo! Let me know in the comments!

A Day at the Memphis Zoo


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