5 Must-Do’s in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

July 16, 2022

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios has become one of my favorite Disney World parks. It holds some of my favorite rides,  and it has some mind-blowing scenery!

I had to leave out some great rides to narrow it down to only 5 must-do’s, so I hope you know in advance that this isn’t all the fun things to do in Hollywood Studios. These are just my favorites, and I hope you find a new favorite on this list!

Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster

rock n rollercoaster giant red electric guitar Aerosmith in Disney's Hollywood Studios Disney World Orlando Florida

I love rollercoasters, and this is one of my favorites. Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster starts off with a launch that will take your breath away, going from 0 to 57 mph in 2.8 seconds! You also go upside down 3 times, but the ride is very smooth and fun, with music from Aerosmith playing the whole way!

Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster can be found right next to Tower of Terror, another favorite of many Disney World guests. I didn’t make it a must-do on this list because I don’t like heights… but that’s just me!

5 Must-do's in Disney's Hollywood Studios - Tower of Terror at night decorated for 50th anniversary

Check out Tower of Terror if you want a thrilling ride with multiple free-fall elevator drops!

Slinky Dog Dash

slinky dog dash rollercoaster sign at Disney's Hollywood Studios Disney World Orlando Florida

Hollywood Studios’ other rollercoaster is Slinky Dog Dash, which can be found in Toy Story Land. This coaster is a little more kid-friendly, but that doesn’t mean less fun! In fact, it’s one of my favorite rides! Slinky Dog is plenty fast enough to keep anyone entertained, with several drops, dips, and turns.

5 Must-Do's in Disney's Hollywood Studios - Slinky Dog Dash rollercoaster at sunset

This is me, my friend, and my sister standing in front of Slinky Dog Dash and an incredible sunset!

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

millenium falcon with crowds in Star Wars galaxy's edge Disney World Hollywood Studios Orlando Florida

If you’ve ever watched the original Star Wars movies, you’ve probably wondered what it would be like to fly in the Millenium Falcon. Well, now you can fly aboard the iconic ship as a pilot, gunner, or engineer. It’s very cool just to be aboard the Falcon. You can also take photos in the hallways and at the holographic chess table.

siblings boy with Star Wars shirt and 2 girls sitting at holo chess table inside millenium falcon at Star Wars galaxy's edge Disney World Hollywood Studios Orlando Florida

I think that the role of the pilot is the most fun, but also the most difficult. However, any role that you play is going to be fun. The ride is very realistic and immersive, and it’s every Star Wars fan’s dream!

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Speaking of immersive, Disney has never created a land before that is as engaging and as realistic as Galaxy’s Edge, the home of the Millenium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run. This Star Wars-themed land is actually meant to transport you to the planet of Batuu, and I have never seen a place that is so detailed. You really feel like you are walking through a planet in the Star Wars Galaxy.

stormtroopers lined up in spaceship star destroyer on rise of the resistance Star Wars galaxy's edge Disney World Hollywood Studios Orlando Florida

I could go on and on about this amazing part of Hollywood Studios (and I have). There’s just way too much for me to go into in this post, so here’s everything I know about Galaxy’s Edge in this ultimate guide.

Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage

I’ve always loved this live stage show! Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage is a broadway-style musical stage production that lasts about 25 minutes. The show closely resembles the Beauty and the Beast movie, so you’ll be singing along to your favorite songs with Belle, Gaston, and all the others. This is definitely one of my favorite stage shows in Disney World. Get there early to get a good seat!

There are plenty more awesome rides and shows in Hollywood Studios, not to mention great food and shopping! Did your favorite ride or attraction make the list? Tell me your favorite in the comments!

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5 Must-Do's in Disney's Hollywood Studios - Discover some of the best rides and things to do in one of Disney World's most popular theme parks.

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