8 Mobile Apps That Successful Bloggers Use

January 28, 2020

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Blogging on the go is essential for a successful blogger. Most people have this stereotypical image of a blogger sitting at a coffee shop working on his or her laptop, but what if you can’t pull out your laptop when you need to? What if you want to work on something while you’re sitting in the waiting room at the dentist? Or maybe you just got a great idea while you were shopping at the grocery store and need to write it down? Well, that’s where blogging apps come in.

Blogging is a growing business, and app companies take notice of that. There are plenty of mobile blogging apps out there that can make your life as a blogger easier and more productive.

Check out these 8 mobile apps that every successful blogger should use!

Note: I have an iPhone, but all of these apps except Bear have an Android app as well.

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Canva is my favorite app for designing social media graphics. I design all my Pinterest graphics using this free app. I can also log in on my laptop, and all my designs are online. I sometimes find that using my computer is a little easier than my phone for adjusting and fine-tuning my designs, but the mobile app is still very convenient. And Canva isn’t just limited to designing pins; you can also design Instagram posts and stories, Facebook posts, blog banners, and pretty much anything else that you might need.

Tip: The one thing I don’t like about the free version of Canva is that you can’t save an image with a transparent background. This is sometimes needed when you make a logo or other graphic. For making logos I use Fotor.com. It’s free and has the same design capabilities as Canva. The reason I don’t use Fotor all the time instead of Canva is because the free version only lets you keep 3 designs saved. Canva’s design gallery is unlimited.


Most bloggers who are monetizing their blogs use WordPress.org. Obviously this isn’t the case with every successful blogger. Plenty of people use Squarespace or other websites and make plenty of money. I personally have used WordPress since the beginning of my blog, and I don’t think I’ll ever need to change to another site.

The WordPress app is very handy for writing blog posts when I don’t have my laptop handy. It’s not perfect, but it’s so easy for me to use this app during a break to jot something down or edit a post.


If you’re an Android user, you can skip this one, because it’s only on iPhone.

While I was still trying to decide which direction I wanted to go in the blogging world, I used Bear. This is a writing app that I used for practicing writing posts before I had a WordPress blog. I still use it today because it works better than the WordPress app for offline writing. I mostly use it now for writing drafts and jotting down ideas. It also has some helpful features, such as using hashtags in front of keywords to help you organize your writing. Plus it’s free!

Google Docs and Google Drive

Another option for offline or online writing is Google Docs. You don’t have to have a Gmail account, just a Google account. Google Docs is great for writing blog posts and it’s also great for sharing documents.

Google Drive (which is a separate app from Google Docs) is what a lot of people use to send documents, PDFs, photos, etc. If you plan on guest posting or collaborating with other bloggers, Google Drive is a great hub to store and transfer group projects.


Tailwind is a program that many bloggers and businesses use for scheduling pins on Pinterest and more recently, Instagram. There is also a mobile app that is very convenient for scheduling on the go. My blog traffic and Pinterest views have increased so much quicker since I started using Tailwind, and I wish I had started using it sooner!

If you are tired of manually scheduling pins like I was a couple of months into blogging, Tailwind is an amazing tool. Pinterest is one of the most important ways that a blog’s traffic grows, in fact, it’s the number one source of traffic on my blog! Having a tool like Tailwind that helps me get the most out of my Pinterest account is a lifesaver!

Click here to get started on Tailwind and take your Pinterest to the next level. I promise you’ll love it!


If you use Instagram to spread the word about your blog and interact with your audience, you’re probably concerned with how your Instagram feed and posts look to people who visit your profile. Preview helps me to see how my future Instagram posts look alongside my past posts. This way I can rearrange my posting schedule to make my feed look more cohesive.


Lightroom is the partner to the Adobe desktop app for editing photos. However, you can use this app without paying for an Adobe subscription. It’s free!

I love using Lightroom to edit my photos. I also have the desktop app, but editing on the go is a must for me. This app makes it easy to edit, and you can even download mobile presets to edit more quickly.

I have used other editing apps in the past like Snapseed and even Photoshop, and they were great. Lightroom is just my preference because it gives me more tools and it syncs to my computer with Lightroom CC.


Mailchimp is one of the more popular email services that bloggers use to reach their subscribers. An email list is absolutely essential to a blogger’s success in monetizing a blog. I use Mailchimp to send emails to my subscribers, and the mobile app is very helpful!

Many of the big-name bloggers out there use Convert Kit instead. I know Convert Kit is great, but at a $29 per month price tag, not worth it for a blogger just starting out in my opinion.

Mailchimp’s free plan (which I use) has a few restrictions such as no affiliate links in emails and it has an email per month cap, but the cap number is much larger than most first-year bloggers actually need. The app itself is great for seeing your number of subscribers as well as looking at insights of the last email you sent out. The Mailchimp app lets you see who subscribes to your list, who opens emails, who clicks on links inside emails, etc.

What apps do you use to make your blogging career easier? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments!

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8 mobile apps that successful bloggers use for iphone and android

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