Things to do When You Can’t Travel

October 7, 2019

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There are some people in the world, including myself, who love traveling. They love planning the trips. They love the anticipation and excitement right before going somewhere new. And they really love just being in a new and different place soaking in the experience.

But what if you can’t travel? Or, at least, not all the time…

We’ve all seen the full time travel bloggers who are constantly posting about their latest adventures exploring in far off places we could only dream of going. On the other hand, that’s only part of the story. Everyone knows that social media only shows the best, curated parts of your life. It’s the same with travelers.

girl in blue jacket and beanie standing on shoreline of turnagain arm waterway looking at ocean and sunset

Before I started travel blogging, I thought I would never be able to come up with enough content to fill up a blog since I didn’t travel that much. But most travel bloggers don’t travel 365 days a year! Even though it might be nice to travel all the time, for most people this isn’t exactly realistic. But there are plenty of travel-related things you can do even when you aren’t traveling to cure that wanderlust!

Here are some secrets from a travel blogger about what to do when you want to travel but can’t!

Explore Your Hometown

I’m sure there’s at least one thing in your hometown that you’ve never done before. And even if you know every single thing there is to know about your town, there are lots of people who don’t! Write about what you know.

Girl in purple old navy t shirt with orange cupcake in front of blue soco wall mural in corinth, mississippi

Go support local shops and restaurants by writing about them and posting about them on social media. Just because you think your town is boring, doesn’t mean everyone else does! To all the people who don’t live there, it’s a new place to explore!

Take a Day Trip

Shops in Downtown Franklin Tennessee

Don’t feel like exploring your own town? Take a drive to the next town over. Find somewhere that’s only a few hours away or less and make a day of it. Or if you have a little bigger budget, spend a Saturday night (or Friday night) somewhere and make it a weekend trip. Whether that is exploring a different city or visiting a state park you’ve never been to, you’re sure to find something interesting just around the corner!

Make a Bucket List

Still dreaming of faraway places? Make a bucket list of all the places you want to go and things you want to do! Take a look at Pinterest for bucket list ideas, or you can go straight to my blog post for bucket list inspiration!

writing bucket list with pictures of alaska

You can get a free printable bucket list from my resource library here!

Practice Photography

Even if your goal is not to be a world-famous photographer, practicing photography (even on your phone) is a great way to improve your skills! Then when you can travel somewhere, you’ll be able to better capture your journey.

Canon EOS rebel t5 dslr camera on wooden table

Look up tutorials about how to take better photos. Research travel photography and be inspired by the places you see! I have tons of tips for beginners in my photography blog posts. Check them out here!

Plan a Trip

Maybe you can’t travel right now, but what about all those amazing trips you’re going to take in the future? Pick a destination that you want to go and start planning! Part of the fun of traveling is planning out your trip. Look up things to do and places to eat where you want to go. Make a list of the things you want to see or the hotels you might want to stay in.

california road trip bucket list in travel journal with wooden colored pencils and antique map of california on wood surface

Feel like your budget is too tight for the trip you’re dreaming about? Figure out ways you can save money now while you’re not traveling. A little saving goes a long way!

Read Travel Blogs for Inspiration

There are so many incredible travel blogs out there for you to read. Go read some of your favorite travel bloggers’ latest posts or find some new travel bloggers to follow. You may be inspired by the places they’ve been or the things they write about, and you might get some more ideas for that bucket list!

Girl in Flannel in front of Moraine Lake and mountains in Banff

Also, not to shamelessly promote myself 😉 but I’d love it if you’d follow along with my travel blog! My travel section has lots of guides from my previous trips, and it will soon be filled with many more new adventures! Subscribe below to be notified whenever there is new content to read! Plus, you’ll get access to my free resource library. It has free printables for travelers such as a bucket list and packing list that you’ll need when you start taking these trips you’re dreaming about! Happy travels! 😀

Things to do when you want to travel but can't


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