The Outpost at Pickwick Dam: A Review

October 21, 2019

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Pickwick Lake and Pickwick Dam is a place in Savannah, Tennessee that draws locals in every week for fishing, fun, and food. I’ve spent many weekends at the lake swimming or just visiting with friends. Without a doubt, my favorite place to eat when I visit Pickwick is The Outpost. If you ever decide to spend a weekend at the lake, Pickwick is a great choice, and the Outpost is the first place you should eat!

Fantastic Food

The food at the Outpost keeps me coming back. If I’m headed towards Pickwick Lake, this is the place I want to eat. Even if I’m not headed in that direction, I sometimes go up to the lake just to eat here!

All this to say, I’ve eaten here several times. On my most recent visit I tried the “Outpost Burger.” You would think I’d have already tried something named after the restaurant, but I always talked myself into trying something different. I wish I would’ve gotten this dish sooner! The burger was thick and juicy with plenty of toppings, including the house sauce.

Outpost burger with lettuce, onion, tomato, and cheese and seasoned waffle fries at the outpost pickwick savannah tennessee

Something I always get is the seasoned waffle fries. I’m a big french fry person, and these are absolutely delicious! Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the appetizer we shared: fried pickles with ranch dressing!

fried pickles slices and ranch dipping sauce on wood table and plate at the outpost pickwick savannah tennessee

My sister got the philly cheese steak sandwich which looked very tasty and juicy!

philly cheese steak sandwich on wood plate and table with dipping sauce at the outpost pickwick savannah tennessee

My mom tried the “hog fries,” which is potatoes covered in cheese, jalapeños, ranch dressing, and shredded BBQ pork. We all shared some of this, and it was great!

hog fries including waffle fries and potatoes jalapenos ranch barbeque pork and cheese on white plate on wood table at outpost in pickwick tennessee

I have to say, the desserts at the Outpost always tempt me. They look so rich and yummy! But I’m always too full from my delicious meal to try any! One time, however, I split a banana pudding with a friend, and it was so good!

I also can’t forget to mention the service. The waiters and waitresses are always so friendly and helpful. Also, I’ve never had to wait too long for my food.

Amazing Atmosphere

Once you’ve finished filling up on all the tasty food, take a stroll around the inside and the outside of the buildings to see the beautiful scenery! The Outpost has very rustic decor with wood carvings and vintage decorations. While you eat, there are plenty of windows to let the light in and let you look out and see the woods.

window view of woods, rustic interior design with chairs, tables, and chandelier at outpost pickwick tennessee

black grand piano in front of big windows and chandelier with rustic decor in the Outpost in pickwick savannah tennessee

Don’t forget to check out the little country store full of treats, t-shirts, and even bait for you to use when you go fishing at Pickwick Lake.

inside country store at outpost pickwick tennessee, canned jams and t shirts

While the inside of the Outpost is very clean and nicely decorated, probably my favorite part is outside. Behind the restaurant is a little building with a working water wheel.

wooden water wheel and building, swing and rocking chairs, mums and pumpkins fall decor in the woods at the outpost pickwick savannah tennessee

water stream over wooden water wheel at the outpost pickwick savannah tennessee

I would recommend visiting any time of the year, but I especially love fall at the Outpost! Around mid-October, they have finished putting up all the fall decorations, including plenty of pumpkins and mums. Honestly, this place has some of my favorite fall decorations anywhere!

fall decor of orange pumpkins and yellow, pink, and red mums on top of wooden wagon at the outpost pickwick savannah tennessee

orange pumpkins and mums on hay bales for fall decor at the outpost pickwick savannah tennessee

This place is a great location to take photos. In fact, I’ve had many photo sessions here with my friends.

girl laughing at fall photoshoot in navy sweater with white words, orange and yellow mums in background

You can also visit the carving store and the Lake House Gallery for some shopping, or if you’re not too full from your meal, grab an ice cream or shaved ice right outside the restaurant.

rustic ice cream shop and shaved ice with picnic table at the outpost pickwick savannah tennessee

Lake House gallery and carving store buildings with old rustic western decor at the outpost pickwick savannah tennessee with trees and bright sun

So, as you can see, the Outpost is a really charming little roadside stop that reminds me of a Western town. I’ve only visited at lunchtime, but they also serve breakfast and dinner. I’m sure those are just as delicious as the meals I’ve experienced here! So if you ever make your way to Pickwick Lake and the Outpost, be prepared to write a good review for them, because I know you’ll enjoy it!

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