Nashville Murals You Don’t Want to Miss

July 31, 2023


If you’ve searched for a travel guide or itinerary to Nashville, TN, you have probably seen pictures of the colorful murals decorating the walls of many of the buildings. Music City is famous for its Instagram-worthy murals! Looking for a destination that will add a pop of color to your Instagram feed? This Nashville street art is for you!

Here are 20 Nashville murals you don’t want to miss and where to find them!

1. I Believe in Nashville

Nashville Bachelorette Party - I Believe in Nashville Mural

2702 12th Ave S

You can’t visit Music City without seeing the I Believe in Nashville mural. It’s a Nashville street art staple!

2. Make Music Not War

Nashville Murals You Don't Want to Miss - Make Music Not War Mural in Nashville Tennessee

2902 12th Ave S

Perfect for the music lover visiting Music City, this mural has a cool, vintage vibe.

3. Flowers

Nashville Murals You Don't Want to Miss - Flowers Mural in Nashville Tennessee

2900 12th Ave S

Right across from the Make Music Not War mural, get lost in a garden of beautifully painted flowers!

4. The Dragon

Nashville Tennessee street art you don't want to miss - Dragon Mural at Hillsboro Village

1801 21st Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37212

This long and colorful dragon is Nashville’s oldest mural painted in 1995. It sits right across from the Pancake Pantry in Hillsboro Village.

5. What Lifts You

Nashville Murals You Don't Want to Miss - What Lifts You Mural in Nashville Tennessee

302 11th Ave S

Every bachelorette party in Nashville has to take a picture in front of the What Lifts You mural! It’s on pretty much everybody’s list. You may have to wait in line depending on the time of day, but it’s definitely a must-see!

6. Drippy Lips Mural

Nashville Tennessee street art you don't want to miss - Drippy Lips mural

1814 21st Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37212

I wish I had worn my red lipstick for a photo in front of this glam street art! Find it right down the street from the Dragon mural in Hillsboro Village.

7. Jason Woodside Mural

Nashville Murals You Don't Want to Miss - nashville walls project mural Jason Woodside

299 11th Ave S

This massive mural makes an awesome and colorful backdrop for your next profile picture! It’s very close to the What Lifts You mural. You can’t miss it!

8. Hey Y’all!

Hey y'all pink and white mural inside Stoney Clover Nashville Tennessee

2707 12th Ave S

How cute is this Hey Y’all mural inside the Stoney Clover Lane accessory store on 12 South? It definitely shares Nashville’s southern charm.

9. Hot Air Balloon

Nashville Tennessee street art you don't want to miss - Hot air balloon mural by Kelsey Montague

1034 West Eastland Avenue, Nashville, TN 37206

I thought this mural was so unique. If the style looks familiar, it’s because this giant hot air balloon was painted by Kelsey Montague, the same artist who painted the What Lifts You Wings! I love that they added a basket underneath for you to pose in. You could probably fit 3 or 4 people in there if you wanted to!

10. Blue Geometric Mural

Blue and green mural in Nashville, Tennessee outside Vuori clothing store on 12 Ave South

2701 12th Ave S

This cool blue mural is on the side of the Vuori clothing store on 12 South.

The Off the Wall Project on Charlotte Ave

Nashville Tennessee street art you don't want to miss - Off the Wall Charlotte Avenue

This doesn’t really count as one of the twenty murals because it’s really a whole bunch of murals. Charlotte Avenue has a huge 1200-foot wall that showcases several murals. Don’t have time to go all over Nashville and see the art? Just come to Charlotte Ave. and see a dozen all in one place! Some of my favorites are below.

11. It’s Gonna Be OK

Nashville Tennessee street art you don't want to miss - Off the Wall Charlotte Avenue It's gonna be OK mural

3020 Charlotte Avenue

I’ve always loved the girly flowers and color palette of the I.G.B.O.K. mural. It makes a perfect clean backdrop for a photo, and it was actually painted to highlight mental health awareness.

12. The Train

Nashville Tennessee street art you don't want to miss - Off the Wall Charlotte Avenue train mural by the UH crew

3020 Charlotte Avenue

This cool mural of train cars (and the engine) was painted by the UH Crew. It has a hip urban vibe unlike some of the more girly street art.

13. Scribbles

Nashville Tennessee street art you don't want to miss - Off the Wall Charlotte Avenue mural by Alic Daniel

3020 Charlotte Avenue

This mural by Alic Daniel has some cool colors, and it’s near one end of the Charlotte Avenue Off the Wall Project.

14. Take Flight

Nashville Tennessee street art you don't want to miss - Off the Wall Charlotte Avenue Take Flight mural

3020 Charlotte Avenue

I thought this colorful mural was so fun. The vibrant colors and exciting imagery showcase artist Kevin Bongang’s style.

15. Spooned in Nashville

Nashville Tennessee Wanna Spoon 12 South Mural Spooned in Nashville

1111 Caruthers Ave

This adorable mural outside of Wanna Spoon Cereal Bar lets you take a seat on a giant silver spoon!

16. Nashville Looks Good On You

Nashville Murals You Don't Want to Miss - Nashville Looks Good on You Mural in Nashville Tennessee

2511 12th Ave S

This one was a little harder to find because it was located behind the Frothy Monkey. This mural is a classic that you have to see!

17. The Google Fiber Mural

Nashville Tennessee street art you don't want to miss - Google Fiber mural by Nathan Brown

1012 Woodland Street, Nashville, TN 37206

I love the bright geometric design of the Google Fiber Mural. Find it on the side of Five Points Pizza!

18. The Fox Mural

Nashville Murals You Don't Want to Miss - Fox Mural in Nashville Tennessee

2814 12th Ave S

This mural was painted to bring attention to Nashville’s waterways. Most call it the Fox Mural, but it has lots of other cute critters and a pop of golden color!

19. East Side Kroger Mural

Nashville Tennessee street art you don't want to miss - East Side mural

As we drove through Nashville, I happened to see this bright street art on the side of Kroger. We had to stop for a quick snapshot. It’s unusual to see big chain businesses teaming up with artists to produce something that highlights local culture!

20. L & L Market Mural

Nashville Tennessee street art you don't want to miss - Living with Landyn mural inside L & L Marketplace

3820 Charlotte Ave

The perfect square frame of this Nashville mural sits right inside the door of L & L Marketplace. Strike a pose in front of this one after stopping in Living with Landyn, buying a bouquet at Amelia’s Flowers, and eating a delicious Five Daughter’s donut.

Bonus: Draper James Stripes

Nashville Murals You Don't Want to Miss - Draper James Stripes Mural in Nashville Tennessee

2608 12th Ave S

These pretty blue and white stripes cover the wall of the Draper James clothing store. They are right across from the I Believe in Nashville street art. Even though I don’t really think of this as a mural in the traditional sense, I included it because it’s perfect for Instagram! We took more photos here than probably in front of any of the other murals!

Bonus: Pancake Pantry

The best local restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee - The Pancake Pantry mural

1796 21st Ave S

You can find this cute stack of pancakes inside the Pancake Pantry. And don’t forget to get some delicious breakfast while you’re there!

These are my favorite Nashville murals that you have to check out, but we only scratched the surface! Even after several trips to Nashville, I haven’t visited all the street art yet. Did your favorite Nashville mural make the list? Post your favorite in the comments below!

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