Murals in Corinth, Mississippi, You Don’t Want to Miss

November 16, 2020

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If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time, you probably know that I love to take photos in front of murals. In big cities like Nashville, you can find street art wherever you look that’s perfect for an Instagram backdrop. But small Southern towns like Corinth, Mississippi, have just as much character to be found in their downtown murals.

If you’re planning a visit to historic Corinth, MS, you won’t want to miss these fun murals while you explore the beautiful downtown area! Here are some of my favorites!

1. Drink Coca-Cola, Refresh Yourself

Murals in Corinth Mississippi - Drink Coca Cola Refresh Yourself Mural across from Coke Museum

601 Washington St.

Corinth has long been influenced by the Coca-Cola brand. Coke has been present in Corinth since 1907 when the Coca-Cola Bottling Works plant opened. There is even a Coca-Cola museum in Corinth, and this mural can be found right across the street from the museum and Coca-Cola Bottling.

2. Mississippi Flag

Murals in Corinth Mississippi - Mississippi flag 2020

318 S. Tate St.

One of the newest murals in Corinth is the “In God We Trust” Mississippi flag painted on the side of Corinth Mill Supply on Tate Street. In fact, it’s so new that the last time I checked you can’t see it on Google Street View because it hadn’t been painted yet. But it’s there, bright and beautiful!

3. Enjoy Corinth

Murals in Corinth MS - Enjoy Corinth SoCo mural

318 S. Tate St.

Right across the street from the Mississippi flag mural is this long brick wall, pointing you in the direction of SoCo (or South Corinth). If you’re entering downtown from Tate St., you’re sure to see this one.

4. Shoppes at SoCo

Murals in Corinth Mississippi - Shoppes at SoCo blue mural

112 Franklin St.

After you follow the mural pointing you to the SoCo district, you should see this bright blue mural popping off the wall right beside Firebird’s Sourdough Pizza & Gourmet Burgers. The SoCo district has some really great shopping in the cute downtown boutiques. The shops are open year-round of course, but my favorite time to visit is in early November. The shops start decorating for Christmas early and host a Christmas open house which I attend every year!

5. Coca-Cola

Murals in Corinth Mississippi - Drink Coca Cola Mural

Here’s another Coca-Cola mural for you! This mural is right across the street from Ginger’s, which is a large boutique for clothing, gifts, and accessories.

6. Sinalco

Murals in Corinth Mississippi - You'll Like it, Drink Sin Alco vintage Mural

404 Taylor St.

Sinalco is a drink you might never have heard about. It’s a non-alcoholic drink (hence the name Sin-alco) that’s popular in Europe, but not so much in the States. However, it was popular enough in Mississippi at one time to inspire this mural. You can find it painted on the side of the Corinth Coliseum Civic Center in this nice little grove.

Murals in Corinth Mississippi - You'll Like it, Drink Sin Alco Mural

7. Coca-Cola Bottle

Murals in Corinth Mississippi - Coca Cola Bottle Mural next to Pizza Grocery

800 Cruise St.

And one more Coke mural for you… This Coca-Cola bottle is bigger than it looks, and it’s painted on the side of the Pizza Grocery Restaurant. Stop in for some tasty Italian food for lunch or dinner!

8. Welcome to Historic Corinth

Murals in Corinth Mississippi - Welcome to Historic Corinth mural across from Smith Restaurant

603 N. Fillmore St.

Another of Corinth’s newer murals, this Welcome to Historic Corinth mural is in the parking lot of Smith., one of my favorite local restaurants in Corinth. Sorry that this photo doesn’t really do it justice! It’s quite large, and hard to get all in one shot, but I think it’s very cute! Also, you’ll definitely want to eat at Smith. While you’re exploring downtown, you have to try some of the local cuisines, and Smith. has some of my favorite dishes!

9. Hester Batteries

Murals in Corinth Mississippi - Start and Go with Hester Batteries vintage mural

618 Bunch St.

This vintage mural of Hester Batteries is on Bunch Street. Kate’s & Co. Gift Shop is on the corner of Taylor St. and Bunch St., so you should be able to see this mural from there. Again, don’t trust Google Street View, because this building has been recently remodeled!

10. Corinth Mosaic

Murals in Corinth Mississippi Corinth floor tile mosaic inside Corner 415 Coffee Shop

415 N. Fillmore St.

So, this isn’t really a mural, but I still think it’s cool! This antique floor mosaic is right inside the entryway of Corner 415, a coffee shop downtown. (By the way, they serve a variety of really tasty desserts!)

I hope you enjoy exploring the beautiful historic town of Corinth, Mississippi! These awesome murals will make a great addition to your Instagram feed. Be sure to shop local and eat local while you’re downtown. You won’t regret it! 😉


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  1. Alan Dodd says:

    What about that cool one on the side of Langley Wealth Mgt?

  2. Brian Gray says:

    My uncle, William Littlejohn, painted the mural of the Sin Alco on the side of the coliseum. He did that in the late 80’s I believe as a restoration to the original mural. He was a WWII veteran and has since passed away.

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