Visiting the Tennessee Safari Park in Alamo, TN

November 18, 2019

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I’ve always enjoyed visiting zoos, but I’ve never been to a drive-thru zoo before. This is a totally different experience than your typical zoo. The Tennessee Safari Park in Alamo lets you get up close to the animals, feed them, and even pet some of them, without ever having to get out of your own car. Here are some tips for visiting this super fun drive-thru zoo!

zebra sticking his head in the car window at drive thru zoo in tennessee safari park alamo

The zoo is about 30 minutes away from Jackson, TN. You can find directions here. This zoo was much bigger than I expected it to be. It took us about an hour and a half to drive through it for a few reasons:

  1. The speed limit is very slow so that you don’t hurt the animals.
  2. We came to a complete stop several times just to feed the animals.
  3. Probably hundreds of animals live here on these acres of land, so it takes time to see them all.

Even though it took a while to drive through, we weren’t bored at all. There are many kinds of animals here, including zebras, camels, ostriches, deer, llamas, and more!

large deer antelope with blue sky and white clouds standing on prairie at drive thru zoo in tennessee safari park alamo

The animals are used to people. They aren’t shy, and they will walk right up to your car window to get a snack from you. Sometimes they will even stick their head into the car if you let them!

white llama sticking head through car window to eat out of food bucket at drive thru zoo in tennessee safari park alamo

ostrich sticks his head in to eat out of white food bucket in car with asian girl smiling at drive thru zoo in tennessee safari park alamo

You will definitely want to buy a food bucket for each person in the car. Make sure you hold on to your food buckets tightly, because the animals may try to snatch them from you! And don’t let the first few animals eat all your food. There are plenty of animals through the whole drive that will want some food from you!

large horned deer antelope animal at Tennessee Safari Park

zebra head at Tennessee Safari Park

I loved getting to see the animals up close. At most zoos, the animals are at a distance and aren’t interested in people at all. Here the animals want to walk right up to you (or at least the food you’re giving them), and getting to pet and feed them was such a cool experience! Also, some of them are really soft!

brown alpaca sticking his head in the car at drive thru zoo in tennessee safari park alamo

Cute and cuddly alpacas

After the drive-thru section of the zoo, we visited the walk-thru section. This part of the zoo houses the smaller animals, such as several kinds of monkeys and lemurs. There are plenty of exotic birds here too, including the peacocks that roam free.

blue male peacock in greenery at drive thru zoo in tennessee safari park alamo

I enjoyed being able to walk into the aviary, where dozens of parakeets live.

tree full of colorful parakeets in aviary at Tennessee Safari Park

If you don’t like birds, I wouldn’t advise going inside the aviary.  Though it is a neat experience to see the flock of birds flying right over your head and walking around your feet. You can buy food outside the aviary for the birds, and the parakeets will be much more friendly to you. They aren’t mean, but they won’t find you very interesting unless you bring food.

4 parakeets different colors sitting on perch in aviary at Tennessee Safari Park alamo

One giraffe lives in the walk-thru zoo. You can get pretty close and feed it, but you have to give it carrots instead of the animal food that the other animals eat. The giraffe was one of my favorite parts of the zoo!

giraffe leaning over fence in front of red barn and blue sky at Tennessee Safari Park alamo

If you’re a zoo fan, this is definitely a place you’ll want to check out. It exceeded my expectations and provided us with a great weekend activity!

Know of any other fun drive-thru zoos? Tell me in the comments so I can check them out!

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