The Best Cities in the World to Find Street Art

July 13, 2020

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When you think of visiting a city to see the arts, you probably think of art galleries, theaters, and music halls. However, one of the most unique art forms is found all throughout the city on the walls of the buildings–street art! People travel the globe to see amazing murals decorating the walls of various cities all around the world. 

This blog post is by no means an exhaustive list of all the cities where you can find beautiful street art, but it does include some of the best! I reached out to several travel bloggers who have been all over the world to find out their favorite cities to find street art, and they came back with some great options.

In no particular order, here are some of the best cities in the world to find street art!

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Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Nashville, Tennessee is an art lover’s paradise. From music halls to art galleries, Nashville has no shortage of talent. Most people think of Nashville as Music City, but if country music isn’t your thing, Nashville has amazing shopping, food, and of course murals! The incredible street art all over the city makes amazing backdrops for your Instagram feed! Many of them even have hashtags so that you can tag the mural or the artist on Instagram when you strike a pose in front of their work. My favorite mural in Nashville is the What Lifts You Mural by Kelsey Montague.

The Best Cities in the World to Find Street Art - What Lifts You Mural, Nashville, Tennessee

These 20 ft. tall wings can be found on 302 11th Ave South. It’s not a trip to Nashville if you haven’t posed in front of these beautiful wings! There are plenty more of these incredible works of art covering the buildings and walls of the city, and more are painted regularly!

By Mary from Life Full of Light (Me 😉 )

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam is one of the best places in Europe for street art, graffiti, and cool murals. It’s the second-largest city in the Netherlands, but it’s not like any other Dutch city. Rotterdam doesn’t have those typical Dutch historic canals, cozy streets, and brick houses. It is all about modern architecture and urban street art.

The murals in Rotterdam can be found all over town. The street Witte de With is home to some of the coolest works, but pretty much any street in the city center shows some artworks. 

One of the best murals for Instagram backdrops is a bit hidden and not very well known by travelers: the Pink Wall by Sandra Kleine Staarman close to central station.

The Best Cities in the World to Find Street Art - Rotterdam Netherlands Pink Wall mural

Photo credit: Maartje & Sebastian from The Orange Backpack

Sandra actually created her Pink Wall specifically for Instagrammers. To make sure not every influencer in Rotterdam would have the same Instagram feed from that day on, the wall is divided into squares which are all unique. Some even have text balloons, so you can photoshop your own texts in it!

Where to find this Pink Wall? Walk from the Central Station to the yellow footbridge (a very Instagrammable spot itself), and you’ll pass many other immense murals. Climb the bridge and use the exit at the Hofbogen (to the left). The Pink Wall is right next to the stairs. 

By Maartje & Sebastiaan from The Orange Backpack

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is one of the trendiest cities in Europe right now. The Portuguese capital has a great mix of gorgeous squares, beautiful architecture, and amazing street art. Lisbon’s street art and graffiti scene is pretty impressive, and I had a chance to join a free tour through which I got to see some of the city’s most beautiful murals.

The Best Cities in the World to Find Street Art - Lisbon, Portugal, murals

Photo Credit: Nina from Lemons and Luggage

Lisbon’s street art scene consists of local as well as foreign artists, and this is reflected in the art. While there is a lot of the fabulous street art we can see all over the world, there’s also a very Portuguese element to it in the form of pieces celebrating Portuguese history and artists. For example, there is a very popular piece of street art honoring Portuguese singer Amália Rodrigues, also known as the Queen of Fado, a Portuguese music genre.

For more of a look into Portuguese history, there’s a mural honoring the Carnation Revolution that overthrew the dictatorship in 1974. So Lisbon’s street art provides you with insights into Portuguese history and culture on top of celebrating graffiti and other street art. Whether you visit Lisbon in winter, spring, summer, or fall make sure to take some time to marvel at the city’s fabulous street art.

By Nina from Lemons and Luggage

George Town, Penang, Malaysia

George Town in Penang is one of the best places in the world I have visited for street art and offers a great backdrop for photographers and Instagrammers. It is packed with urban works of art which should be included on every visitor’s itinerary of things to do and see in George Town. 

Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic has created the most well-known and well-loved pieces of street art in Penang as well as other countries in the world. It was in 2012 that he was appointed by the local government to transform the barren and decaying buildings in George Town into an outdoor gallery. His success was better than anyone could have expected and George Town was suddenly propelled into the world’s spotlight for lovers of street art.

“Boy on a Motorbike”, “Children playing Basketball” and “ Girl at the Window” are just three of his most photographed pieces of street art. No-one leaves Penang without getting a selfie alongside these murals. There are also many works from other artists that are scattered around the town waiting to be discovered and deserve the same attention as Zacharevic’s pieces.

The Best Cities in the World to Find Street Art - George Town, Penang, Malaysia murals

Photo credit: Angela from Where Angie Wanders

An online trail is available for you to discover the street art or just wander around and explore the streets on your own. You could probably see it all in one day if you were limited for time, but if not then spread the viewing over several days and really take your time to enjoy these wonderful examples of urban art.

By Angela Price from Where Angie Wanders

Christchurch, New Zealand

Wandering around Christchurch, New Zealand, you can’t help but sense the stark contrast between devastation and creation. Following the deadly 2011 Christchurch Earthquake, the city center is still filled with collapsed buildings. On the other hand, you also see shiny new buildings and green spaces emerging from the rubble. Furthermore, symbolizing the city’s sense of resilience and optimism, there’s also a phenomenal amount of street art.

The first Christchurch street art project initiated in 2013 as an attempt to brighten up the ravaged city. Less than a decade later, there are over thirty outstanding murals dotted all around the city. Christchurch is now even recognized as one of the top street art cities in the world! A great number of these works are painted by fantastic New Zealand muralists and graffiti writers such as Jacob Yikes, Wongi “Freak” Wilson, Owen Dippie, and Ikarus. But also international muralists like ROA, RONE, and Adnate have left their mark on the streets of Christchurch. 

The Best Cities in the World to Find Street Art - Christchurch New Zealand mural by ROA

Photo credit: Zarina from Miss Travel Clogs

Although New Zealand isn’t particularly next door for most of us, it’s a fantastic travel destination for nature lovers and street art enthusiasts alike. Surprisingly, New Zealand has a few great street art cities, but Christchurch is definitely in the lead. Often the starting point for an epic New Zealand road trip, Christchurch is overlooked as a city break destination. This is such a great shame because, besides fantastic street art, Christchurch is also home to significant historical landmarks and stunning landscapes. It’s a gem that deserves exploring, one mural at a time.

By Zarina from Miss Travel Clogs

St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Petersburg, Florida is known for a lot of things— sunshine, beautiful beaches, eclectic eateries, and a unique art scene.  There are so many creatives in St. Pete, and it truly shows.  It’s hard to find a street that lacks artistry and expressiveness.  St. Pete even has its own annual mural festival, SHINE Mural Festival.  It attracts local and international artists to come and paint the walls of the city! 

The Best Cities in the World to Find Street Art  - St. Petersburg Florida USA stick with what you love mural

Photo credit: Destiny from Appetite for Adventure

It really doesn’t matter what artistic style you’re into, because we have it all: surrealism, abstract, pop art, and even some fun, beautifully-written quotes, such as the classic “You are my sunshine” mural located on Central.  There are guided art tours you can do to check out all of the murals, but I prefer scoping them out at my own pace.  There are bike rentals downtown, so grab a friend, rent a couple of bikes, and get going on your own self-paced art tour!  Oh, and don’t forget your camera!  Check out Guided by Destiny for a map to guide you as well as some other suggestions on what to do in the area!

By Destiny from Guided by Destiny

Havana, Cuba

When people plan a trip to Havana, the first thing on their list of places to visit is La Havana Vieja, or Old Havana. The second place is probably Centro, which you can easily access from La Havana Vieja by walking El Malecon. However, one place that should also be on the list is the San Isidro Arts District.

Located an easy walking distance from the heart of La Habana Vieja, San Isidro is just a bit off the beaten path. This colorful Arts District is full of amazing murals and street art. The street art here is incredible, and there are murals everywhere you look. In addition to the murals on the walls of every street and alley, there are also tons of unique art galleries to explore in this area.

The Best Cities in the World to Find Street Art - Havana, Cuba murals, San Isidro

Photo Credit: Maysie from Running a Tight Trip

One neat thing about San Isidro is that Airbnb Experiences are readily available. I myself did the Airbnb Experience “Havana with Art,” and it was hands down some of the best hours of my weeklong vacation in Cuba. This particular experience allows you to explore San Isidro (and some of La Habana Vieja) with a local, while they snap amazing pictures of you with the murals. Other such experiences include you being able to paint your own mural in this area, which I
think sounds amazing! If I ever go back to Cuba, I would do that in a heartbeat.

San Isidro is far from the only artsy part of Havana. If you’re interested in seeing more of the artsy side of Havana, also check out the Fabrica del Arte and Callejon de Hamel. Havana is such a colorful city, with amazing art to be found around every corner.

By Maysie from Running a Tight Trip

Toronto, Canada

A lot of people refer to Toronto as the NYC of the North with nicer people, and I think that is a pretty accurate description. Although big for Canada, it is a lot smaller than NYC and a lot cleaner, but it is still an incredibly diverse city with a big love of patio season. There are murals, street art, and graffiti all over Toronto, so it is hard to get far without running into one piece of art or another. There are the iconic Cali Love angel wings and the funkier Kensington market garden car. However, both the largest and most popular spot for street art in Toronto is Graffiti Alley located in the trendy neighborhood of Queen Street West.

This alley is located one street south of Queen Street and is about 1km long. It actually unofficially extends even farther than that but is less consistent the farther west you walk. It is a very popular spot for photo shoots or as a filming location and for good reason. There is a huge abundance of artwork and tons of cool doorways or windows that make photos and videos even more interesting. The street art in Graffiti alley ranges from simpler tags and graffiti writing to much larger murals that reflect Toronto’s diversity.

The Best Cities in the World to Find Street Art - Toronto Canada murals

Photo credit: Kim from My Global Ways

The artwork is constantly changing and usually reflects current events. At the moment there are a lot of murals supporting Black Lives Matter.  Toronto is such a lively and pleasant city with a ton of things to do, but walking around and seeing the street art throughout the city is definitely one of the best ways to spend your time. 

By Kim from My Global Ways


Singapore is a unique melting pot of cultures and it’s well known for its incredible architecture – uber-modern in some parts, and charming and full of culture in other parts. One of our favorite corners of Singapore is Haji Lane, a hip street filled with boutiques, bars, and restaurants. Haji Lane is part of Kampong Glam, also known as the Malay-Muslim quarter, and the street art here is fantastic. It extends beyond just paint on a wall – there are sculptures and all sorts of decorations, as well as restaurant furniture complementing the murals for a truly fabulous display. 

The Best Cities in the World to Find Street Art - Singapore murals

Photo credit: Tom & Zi from Craving Adventure

If you’d like to use the street art as backdrops for your photos, the best time to visit is in the early morning before the hustle and bustle of Haji Lane begins. However, you’ll get the most out of your experience if you visit later in the day. Afternoons are perfect if you’d like to shop at the cute boutiques or grab a coffee in one of the hip cafes. Haji Lane is also great for dinner and evening drinks with plenty of restaurants to choose from, live music performances, and an array of pubs and bars. There are even night clubs if you wish to dance the night away.

By Tom & Zi from Craving Adventure

Denver, Colorado, USA

Denver, a.k.a the Mile High City, sits at roughly 5,280 feet and is best known for its incredible views and laid back culture. The city of Denver is a popular tourist attraction since it’s an hour from popular ski resorts and about an hour and a half from Rocky Mountain National Park. Denver itself is known for its popular areas like RiNO (River North Art District) which is covered in murals that change annually! During the summer months, the art scene throughout Denver becomes very lively, including entire blocks participating in First Friday Artwalks. Santa Fe Art Walk is the best for Gallery experiences, yet RiNO is the best for street art and food!

Each year RiNO hosts “Crush Walls,” and every wall in the neighborhood is repainted with new art. In 2020 it will take place on September 14-20, so make sure to visit during this time to see all of the artists in action! If you want to start a self-guided tour of the street art, I suggest beginning in the alleyway behind Denver Central Market, grab yourself a craft coffee and walk around enjoying all of the great art! Thomas “Detour” Evans, the author of the book Be the Artist, is one of the leading mural artists in Denver (although he has traveled the world to spread his message and art). His work is generally defined by vivid bright colors creating uplifting portraits. If you want to see his murals for yourself, make it to Denver before September or watch him in action during Crush walls!

The Best Cities in the World to Find Street Art - Denver, Colorado Murals - Emerge

Photo credit: Cassandra from Cassandra Vagher Creative

By Cassandra from Cassandra Vagher Creative


Valparaiso, Chile

While backpacking through South America this past winter, I fell in love with Chile, especially Valparaiso. This beautiful coastal city caught my eye and my heart with the beautiful culture, the delicious food, the colorful street art, and the kind people.

Valparaiso, or known to the locals as Valpo, has such a vibrant and energetic vibe that filled me with a lot of energy and passion. Valpo is considered the “Jewel of the Pacific” and is a city built upon countless hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean. And it is filled with art; Street art, murals, music, dancing, and sculptures. Each neighborhood has its own vibe, style, and artwork. It was even home to Pablo Neruda, a famous Chilean poet. You can visit his house which has been turned into a museum.

The Best Cities in the World to Find Street Art - Valparaiso, Chile murals

Photo credit: Alexis from The Soul Traveler Diaries

Certain neighborhoods of Valparaiso have also been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage sites because of the street art and murals, history and culture. And these neighborhoods are more than deserving of the recognition. I could walk those hills for weeks or even months and not see every piece of artwork created on the walls of buildings and houses. I would love to live there for at least 6 months and dive deeper into the city and into the beauty of Chile. If Valparaiso is not already on your bucket list, I highly recommend adding it to your list!

By Alexis from The Soul Traveler Diaries

Malang, Indonesia

Malang in Indonesia is a must-see for those in search of colorful destinations, and it’s a worthy inclusion on any East Java Itinerary. The area is home to two colorful villages, both in the heart of Malang city. The first, Kampung Biru (‘Blue Village’) is entirely painted in blue in honor of the Malang football team. Walking around the streets, you will find a huge amount of street art too, including some amusingly portrayed jungle animals.

Kampung Warna Warni Jodipan and Kampung Tridi (the ‘Rainbow Village’) lie just over the bridge and are even more beautiful, Each step, ornament, and crevice seem to be a different bright color. It is said that the PR students of Malang University partnered with a paint company to help bring tourism into this once ‘slum’ area, hoping the locals that live here can benefit from the small entrance fee – it’s just fifteen pennies to enter! 

The Best Cities in the World to Find Street Art - Malang East Java Indonesia murals and Rainbow Village

Photo credit: Cass from Cassie the Hag

While there are still fun murals to greet you at unexpected corners, the fact these entire villages are painted like rainbows is what makes Malang such a unique visit.

By Cass from Cassie the Hag

Montreal, Canada

When it comes to art, Montreal knows a thing or two. Montreal is unique within Canada as it has a certain European flair. The vibe is Old World in the New World, and that makes it incredibly inspiring. Of course, a city full of designers, writers, and various other artists would have outstanding street art from end to end. 
The Best Cities in the World to Find Street Art - Montreal Quebec Canada murals

Photo Credit: Hillary from Hillary Newman Photo

My favorite place to wander in search of beautiful street paintings in Montreal is Boulevard Saint-Laurent. Running directly North to South through the city, this is the best place in town to find cute boutiques and trendy restaurants, and as such, its back alleys are filled with artistic expression. Unique paintings with a flair only Quebec, Canada can offer can be found here. Murals are often vibrantly colored with repeating patterns or singular images making a statement. If you happen to find yourself in Montreal, I am confident you will enjoy time exploring this area as I always do. 
By Hillary from Hillary Newman Photo

Brooklyn NYC, USA

New York is one of the best places for street art in the world. Brooklyn, especially the trendy Bushwick known for its hipster population walking around with a sustainable yoga mat, is even better for street art. There are a lot of old warehouses converted into living spaces that make for a perfect canvas.

Street art used to be considered a crime and was more prevalent in poorer areas such as Brooklyn or Chinatown in Manhattan where law enforcement was less prevalent.

The Best Cities in the World to Find Street Art - Brooklyn and Chinatown murals

Photo credit: Rio Buziez

My favorite way to explore the vibrant street art culture in Brooklyn is just to take a walk in the streets of Bushwick. Start at the Jefferson street subway and keep walking towards the Bushwick Collective, a street art gallery showcasing the new generation of street artists. They offer pay-as-you-go tours, which are always good when you are new to the concept of street art and want to understand more about the context.

By Lucile from Lucile HR

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is already well known as a great spot for food and nature, but it’s also a fantastic city to live in for street art lovers! It’s almost like the stunning natural scenery we are surrounded by inspires artists to do their best works. Each year the city holds the Vancouver Mural Festival where for three weeks buildings are covered with new works of art. These build on the works from previous years, so now there are over 100 (gorgeous) murals around Mount Pleasant, near where I live.

I like that some of the best murals are used to brighten up Vancouver’s lane-ways where you don’t really expect to find flashes of color. I also love the huge variety of artists, styles, and genres. My husband and I like to go out to walk the streets and take photos in the rain, so many of my photos look a bit soggy, but they’ll give you an idea about this fun city!

The Best Cities in the World to Find Street Art - Kitsilano mural in Vancouver Canada

Photo credit: Josy from A Walk and a Lark

Lastly, it makes me happy that street art seems to have penetrated into all areas of Metro Vancouver; You’ll even find street art in more ‘wild’ areas like along the cliffs, or on the water tower on top of Burnaby Mountain! You’ll also find it in small details like mosaics covering benches or in the brightly colored fishes that seem to always decorate the fences around schools.
By Josy from A Walk and a Lark

Bogota, Columbia

Colombia is an up-and-coming tourist destination thanks to its beautiful beaches, unspoiled natural landscapes, and colorful colonial cities. For travelers who have never visited its capital of Bogota, though, a vibrant street art scene is often unexpected! There are thousands of murals throughout Bogota, creating an ever-changing canvas that reflects the history, politics, and diverse cultures of the country.  

The Best Cities in the World to Find Street Art - Bogota Columbia murals

Photo credit: Adrienne from The Haphazard Traveler

This artistic explosion is due to the fact that street art has been decriminalized in Bogota, although for a tragic reason.  In 2011 a sixteen-year-old artist, Diego Felipe Becerra, was killed by police while he was tagging, and massive protests erupted after the public discovered a police cover-up. Now Bogota graffiti artists are often commissioned to create murals on buildings and public spaces.  While this creates colorful streetscapes, it also minimizes other tagging, since most artists won’t paint over another’s work.  The decriminalization of graffiti also means that Bogota artists are free to create more intricate and larger murals since they can spend more time openly working on them.

Bogota has many famous graffiti artists with distinctive styles and themes.  Visitors to Bogota should be sure to take one of the city’s graffiti tours to learn about these artists and the cultural contexts of their murals.  For more Colombia travel tips, check out my guide to the top sights in Bogota, including tips on graffiti tours.

By Adrienne from The Haphazard Traveler

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels has some of the coolest street art around. The city is known for its rich comic history, with some of the most widely known comic characters in the world, like Tintin and The Smurfs, created by artists that had humble beginnings in Belgium. This history is celebrated on Brussels’ streets with the Comic Book Route. There are over 50 murals around the city of characters that were all created by Belgian artists. It’s an amazing chance to see the famous characters that you know, and discover new characters, or learn more about the history of the artists and comic art itself. Since there are so many murals, walking the route takes you all over the city, and even if you don’t have time for the Comic Book Route, you’ll still see plenty of art when you’re out exploring.

The Best Cities in the World to Find Street Art - Brussels Belgium murals and Comic Book Route

Photo credit: Kirstie from Kirstie Will Travel

The Brussels Comic Book Route has been organized by the authorities in the city itself and it’s always growing, giving new artists a chance to showcase their work. It’s amazing to see that the city wants to support the history and development of what makes their city great in such a bold way, and I absolutely love exploring it.

By Kirstie from Kirstie Will Travel

Have you been to any of these art-filled cities? Or have you been to another city with incredible street art? Let me know what city with beautiful murals you’ve been to in the comments!

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The Best Cities in the World to Find Street Art - Murals decorating the walls and buildings of a city are one of the most unique and amazing art forms. Here are some of the best cities in the world to find street art as written by several travel bloggers who have been there! #murals #streetart #graffiti #travelbloggers

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    I really loved seeing all these submissions. It really does seem like street art has taken over the world, in the most vibrant, colorful way!! It’s funny, I remember as a child thinking graffiti was a bad thing…but I love that it has been transformed into a well-loved, public form of art.

    Thank you for letting me be involved. 😀

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